TUG 2022 - Program & participants

Accepted presentations for the conference and registered participants will be listed here as time goes by. The TUG Annual General Meeting will also be scheduled to occur during the conference.


  1. David Blakesley, The residual concepts of production vs. the emergent cultures of distribution in publishing (keynote presentation)
  2. Carlos Evia, The future of technical documentation starts with its recent past (keynote presentation)
  3. Peter Williams, The Tectonic Project: Envisioning a 21st-century TeX experience (keynote presentation)
  4. Apu V, Aravind R, Rishi T, LaTeX profiling of author submissions
  5. Oliver Austin, Looking outside the cockpit: An in-depth look at airport signage
  6. Oleksandr Baranovskyi, LaTeX classes for doctoral theses in Ukraine: Interesting tips and painful problems
  7. Sarai Castañeda, Fonts and formats of constitutions
  8. Paulo Cereda, The story of a silly package
  9. Paulo Cereda, IoT theatre presents: The Tempest
  10. Max Chernoff, Comparing TeX engines and formats
  11. Jennifer Claudio, Revamping a youth chess workbook using LaTeX packages
  12. Jonathan Fine, Access and accessibility
  13. Jonathan Fine, The UK TeX Users Group—a personal history
  14. Ulrike Fischer, New in stock—a walk though recent LaTeX improvements (that you may have missed)
  15. Ulrike Fischer, Using spot colors with LaTeX
  16. Rohit Goswami, TeX documentation and CI constraints for NumPy
  17. Patrick Gundlach, Boxes and glue: TeX algorithms reimplemented
  18. Hubert Hickman, Matthew Mariano, Haibin Wu, Hong Dat Cheung, Using LaTeX deployed in AWS as a PDF report generation tool for a cancer clinical trial search engine
  19. Jean-Michel Hufflen, Extracting information from (La)TeX source files
  20. Vafa Khalighi, Right to left beamer documents in XeTeX
  21. Vafa Khalighi, Typesetting mathematics in Persian
  22. Tia Luc, Observations and analysis of Vietnamese text
  23. Steven Matteson, Type design: Catching up to the past
  24. Ross Moore, Accessible tables using Tagged PDF (also pdf)
  25. Dennis Müller, Michael Kohlhase, sTeX3—A LaTeX-based ecosystem for semantic/active mathematical documents
  26. Aditya Ohri, Tanya Schmah, Machine translation of mathematical text
  27. Christopher Park, Emily Park, Musical composition typesetting
  28. Norbert Preining, TeX Live 2022 status update
  29. Lloyd Prentice, A self-publisher's take on TeX
  30. samcarter, Bricks and pieces
  31. Chetan Shirore, Ajit Kumar, The luatruthtable package in LaTeX
  32. Dag Spicer, A walk through 2,000 years of computer history
  33. Mikael P. Sundqvist, Pushing math forward with luametatex and ConTeXt
  34. Marnanel Thurman, Building a TeX-alike in Python
  35. Boris Veytsman, Using knitr and LaTeX for literate lab notes
  36. Tereza Vrabcová, A gentle introduction to Markdown for writers
  37. Joseph Wright, siunitx: Launching version 3
  38. Joseph Wright, LaTeX Project Team, Key–value setting handling in the kernel
  39. Joseph Wright, LaTeX Project Team, Case changing: LaTeX reaches Unicode-land
  40. Interview with John Lees-Miller, Overleaf
  41. Interview with Boris Veytsman
  42. TUG Annual General Meeting


    Aditya Ohri Apu V Aravind Rajendran Boris Veytsman Carlos Evia Chetan Shirore Christopher Park Dag Spicer David Blakesley Dennis Müller Emily Park Hubert Hickman Jean-Michel Hufflen Jennifer Claudio Jonathan Fine Joseph Wright LaTeX Project Team Lloyd R. Prentice Marnanel Thurman Max Chernoff Michael Kohlhase Mikael P. Sundqvist Norbert Preining Oleksandr Baranovskyi Oliver Austin Paulo Cereda Paulo Ney de Souza Peter Williams Rishi T Rohit Goswami Ross Moore Sarai Castaneda Steven Matteson Tanya Schmah Tereza Vrabcova <485431@mail.muni.cz> Tia Luc Ulrike Fischer Vafa Khalighi Susanne Raab

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