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General Delivery
From the Board of Directors 
  TUG Board      [Reports and notices — suspension of the TUG President]
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — typography and TUGboat news]
     Help wanted— The UK TeX FAQ;   B&H and the Wingdings font;   Choice of font does make a difference;   Safe TeX;   More help wanted: Names of Unicode symbols in languages other than English;   What is a template?;   Still more help wanted: The LaTeX Wikibook
Adrian Frutiger, 1928–2015 
  Norbert Preining 
Thomas Koch, 1964–2014 
  Joachim Schrod 
DANTE e.V. 2015 meeting reports 
  Stefan Kottwitz 
TeX in schools: Just Say Yes! 
  Simon Laube      [Introductory — benefits of using LaTeX in schools, for students and teachers]
Smoky letters 
  Linus Romer      [Intermediate — randomized but still elegant capital D for a copperplate `Danke']
About the DK versions of Lucida 
  Charles Bigelow      [Intermediate — squarish capital `O' for Don Knuth, in Lucida Grande Mono and Lucida Console]
    Another historical article including use of superellipses was found after this issue was published: One approach to computer assisted letter design, by H.W. Mergler and P.M. Vargo. Journal of Typographic Research, Vol.2 (No.4), October 1968, pp.299-322. See figures 9 and 10. (The same issue includes articles by Hermann Zapf, John Seybold, and others.)
History of cookbooks 
  Taco Hoekwater      [Introductory — from ancient Greece to allrecipes.com]
Typographers' Inn 
  Peter Flynn      [Intermediate — usability of digital typography; hierarchy and balance; Emacs on Android]
LaTeX news, issue 22, January 2015 
  LaTeX Project Team      [Intermediate — new LaTeX2e bug-fix policy, updates to the kernel, hyperlinked documentation]
LaTeX news, issue 23, October 2015 
  LaTeX Project Team      [Intermediate — enhanced support for LuaTeX, more floats and inserts, updated Unicode data, pre-release releases]
Introduction to list structures in LaTeX 
  Thomas Thurnherr      [Introductory — basic list usage and packages for additional control]
gradstudentresume: A document class for graduate student CVs 
  Anagha Kumar      [Intermediate — a new class for academic CVs, and practical tips on creating classes]
Glisterings: Longest string; marching along; a blank argument; a centered table of contents 
  Peter Wilson 
     even/odd arguments, list indexing, memoir toc typesetting, and more
Software & Tools
Chemistry in LaTeX2e—an overview of existing packages and possibilities 
  Clemens Niederberger      [Intermediate Plus — overview of chemmacros, mhchem, chemformula, and more]
Automating LaTeX(3) testing 
  Joseph Wright      [Intermediate Plus — continous testing with Travis-CI and a minimal TeX Live]
Two applications of SWIGLIB: GraphicsMagick and Ghostscript 
  Luigi Scarso      [Advanced — loading binary modules for performance and generality]
Typesetting the “Begriffsschrift” by Gottlob Frege in plain TeX 
  Udo Wermuth      [Advanced — handling the unusual mathematical notation invented by Frege]
GMOA, the `General Manipulation Of Arguments': An extension to the l3expan package of the expl3 bundle and language 
  Grzegorz Murzynowski      [Advanced — a DFA-based generalization of expl3's l3expan]
Hints & Tricks
Production notes 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate Plus — editing Unicode text requiring a special font for PUA characters in Emacs]
The treasure chest 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — new CTAN packages, March–October 2015]
An online glossary of typographic terms by Janie Kliever 
  Boris Veytsman      [Reports and notices — review of this pictorial glossary]
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GUST: EuroBachoTeX 2014   272-273 
Die TeXnische Komödie: Contents of issue 4/2015   273 
A summons 
  Jim Benton 
TUG Business
Institutional members   274 
TeX consulting and production services   275 
Calendar   276 

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